Trial Class Info & Class Attire

How do I set up my trial?

You can contact us via the following avenues:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 502-425-7710
  • Facebook messenger:
  • Drop in the studio! You can show up the day of to do a trial, although we recommend contacting us ahead of time.

What do I need to do when I arrive at the studio?

There is some paperwork (an info sheet, a waiver and a photo release form) that needs to be completed upon arrival (Enrollment Documents). You can pre-fill these out and bring them with you, or fill them out at the studio. If there isn’t anybody at the desk, a teacher will come out to greet you shortly after arrival. Please let the teacher know if you need to borrow shoes for your trial.

Can I watch class?

With the exception of our Saturday 10:30 AM class, we do not allow parents in the dance room during regular classes. You ARE allowed to observe the trial class. Most parents take advantage of this, although if you believe your child will focus better without you in class, you can choose to not observe. The teacher or assistant teacher will come get you if your child needs you during class. Parents will also be called in to video recital routines as we work on them throughout the year.


For your child’s trial class, if they don’t have dance attire, make sure they have clothing on they move comfortably in. We have an assortment of used ballet and tap shoes that can be borrowed for the trial class.

We sell Balera brand tap, ballet and jazz shoes at the studio. We can size your child for the best fit and order shoes if we do not have their size in stock.

Shoes can also be purchased around town at Target or Kinney’s Dancewear.

2-8 year old Ballet/Tap/Jazz classes attire:

  • Leotards
  • Ballet skirts/tutus
  • Dance dresses
  • Tights (recommended but not required for younger dancers)
  • Shoes: black patent leather tap shoes; pink leather or canvas ballet shoes, tan jazz shoes

9 years and up Ballet class:

  • Leotards
  • Ballet skirts
  • Pink tights
  • Hair in bun, or pulled back away from face if too short

9 years and up jazz attire:

  • Leotard
  • Shorts, capris or leggings
  • Jazz shoes
  • Hair pulled back away from face

Modern class attire:

  • Leotards
  • Shorts, capris or leggings
  • Pink or black convertible or footless tights
  • Hair pulled back away from face

Hip-Hop attire:

  • Workout clothes students can move comfortably in
  • Sneakers

Adult Ballet suggested attire:

  • Leotard or tank top, t-shirt or other attire you can move comfortably in
  • Capris or leggings
  • Ballet shoes

Adult tap attire:

  • Clothing you can move comfortably in
  • Tap shoes